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No Experience in Exports Required

Ostabay has been designed in a way where you don’t need any experience in Exports. Its an intuitive marketplace where you can easily market your products globally without worrying about the hassles involved in exports. Ostabay markets your products 24/7 around the globe, while you can manage your business on a personalized dashboard from the comfort of your office.

Increase Your Market Reach

a. Reach potential buyers abroad who might be interested in your products.

b. Display your products on Ostabay so buyers can show interest even from remote corners of the world.

Save a lot of Costs

Export marketing is a very expensive process. By listing on Ostabay you can avoid a lot of costs like:

a. Travelling costs like flight charges, hotel stays, etc.
b. Cost of Exhibiting your products in International Expos
c. Cost of marketing your products abroad directly
d. International Postage, and Telephone Expenses
e. Staff Expenses if you choose to have staff for Export Marketing
f. Cost to research market price for your product in other countries
g. Opportunity Costs as chances of exports lost when the buyer cannot even find your products.

Start Hassle Free Exports

a. No additional Marketing effort for exports

Listing and updating your products in our website with complete details is all you require to do for marketing. We take care of the rest. This allows you to focus on the production of your products and proper execution of the export orders received by you.

b. Stay Insulated to Currency Fluctuation

List your products in your own currency. The currency converter on our website converts the prices to the buyer’s choice of currency on current exchange rates. This insulates you from any currency fluctuation till the time order is finalised.

c. Quality Assurance to Buyers:

We arrange for inspection of quality of your products at your site by recognised inspection agencies of buyer’s choice. This is done only if buyer’s choose for such services. So, all you need to do this is to make sure that the products are exactly as mentioned in your product listing at the time of order.

d. No More Logistics hassles

You need to quote your prices ex-factory / ex-warehouse including packing and loading charges in the container. We handle the logistics through reputed shipping agencies of buyer’s choice from your premises till the buyer’s port.

e. Easy Export Documentation:

We will provide online templates and support for all the kinds of documentation required to be done by you for exports including but not limited to Export Invoice, Packing List, Bill Of Lading – By shippers, Sale Agreement etc.

f. Payment Security:

Your payments are secure. Payments are collected as per agreed payment terms and kept in an escrow account till the transaction is complete. This provides security to both, the buyer and the seller.

Get a personalized Dashboard to Manage your business on Ostabay

1. Manage Products

Add or edit as many products as you produce.
Post multiple pictures of your products.
Change prices at will.
Use variations to display multiple variations of a product like sizes, colors etc. with separate pictures and price for each variation.
Add Additional product attributes like (Size, color, packing, product specifications etc.)
Add terms of delivery, time to execute etc.

2. Manage Orders

Manage and update the orders received from the comfort of your office thus allowing even the buyer to receive updates at each stage without any hassles of contacting the buyer multiple times.

3. Graphical Reports

Keep a track on the performance of your listings and business displayed in a very intuitive graphical manner

4. Buyer Reviews

(i) This allows you to keep yourself updated with reviews of your product. It will help you in improving the product or service quality as per the desired requirements.

(ii) More positive reviews will motivate and help you sell your products better

5. Your Store Settings

This allows you to set all the details of your store. Providing complete and accurate information here gives buyers more confidence about your company.

Learn how to easily manage the Dashboard here.

  1. Register and create your company on
  2. Create and update product and your company details
  3. Your products will go live after approval by our product analysis team
  4. Once you receive orders, you accept it after ascertaining the terms and conditions carefully listed by the buyer.
  5. We receive payment as per agreed terms
  6. Process the order as per agreed terms and inform us once the products are ready.
  7. Inspection agency inspects the quality of products (if opted by the buyer).
  8. Shipper collects and delivers the material to the buyer’s port.
  9. Buyer receives your products and sends us the confirmation.
  10. We transfer the payment to you after deducting our service charges.
  1. Always provide accurate, present and detailed information about your company, the products etc. Be proactive and use the FAQs of your buyers, and keep updating those details to the products and company. This provides buyer first hand clarity and improves decision making speed.
  2. The product details provided in the listing should always match the actual product specifications. Any changes in the specifications should be immediately updated in the listing on
  3. Make sure that the prices quoted by you are very competitive. Keep studying the prices quoted by other sellers in your product category and update yours to stay competitive. Poor pricing always drives away the buyers.
  4. Pictures speak louder than words. Always post crisp and clean photographs of your product. Never post photos which are irrelevant or don’t highlight the listed product. It is advisable to hire a professional photographer.
  5. Always produce products worthy of exports and provide the necessary packing as approved by the buyer. Go the extra mile in continually improving the quality of packaging as this adds real value in the export market.
  6. Do not over commit. Commitments made at the time of approving an order should be met with. Any deviation in that can hurt the company image badly and can even expose the company to international litigation.
  7. Meet the timelines for dispatch of product as per agreed terms. Delays in execution of order might result in cancellation of order and poor reviews.
  8. In case the buyer requests for any special certificates, test reports etc, please ascertain the possibility of providing such documents before confirming the order to avoid any future issues.
  9. In case a sample is required by the buyer, send the sample promptly and neatly in clean suitable packaging to avoid any damage. Make sure that the sample is exactly as per the product which you will supply later on order confirmation. You can even retain a copy of the same sample for your future reference too.
  10. Prepare all the necessary documents required for exports neatly as per the prescribed formats and without any mistakes. Even simple spelling mistakes can create issues in shipping and delivery of products.
  11. Please reply to any notification received from the buyer or Ostabay promptly and clearly. Ideally, such mails should be replied to within 24 hours. This builds immense confidence of the buyer about your company.
  12. Always follow the ethical trade practices and do not be involved in any kind of fraud or scams, infringement of trademarks, copyright violation etc. Not only will it bring poor reputation to your company but will also expose you to serious civil or criminal litigation nationally and/or internationally.
  1. You should be a producer or manufacturer of the product. No middle men or merchants are allowed to register on This allows the buyer to get the products directly from the source at best prices.
  2. Your product quality should be export worthy and acceptable in international market.
  3. Your product should be allowed to be exported from India as per the rules of Government of India.
  4. You should have a valid IEC (Import Export Code) issued from DGFT.
  5. If your product is a controlled product, you should have the necessary license to export it.
  6. In case your product requires any kind of quality certification for exports or custom clearing, you must avail it before exporting your products. You must have valid registrations required from any other department which is mandatory for export of your product
  7. You must have valid registrations with all commercial tax departments as applicable for your product/s including but not limited to VAT, CST, ST, EXCISE DUTY etc.
  8. You must have access to internet and have a valid email address.
  9. Your contact details must be valid at all times. Any changes in the address or phone numbers must be updated immediately.
  10. Payment terms should be flexible to avoid losing orders.